ADEPE and Partners Launch New ECD centers to Promote Sustainable Development in Rwanda


From Left Gregoire RUCAMUMIHIGO, ADEPE Executive Director ,Ssicollastika Muyishimire GICUMBI District Admin, Min Yuan UNICEF Rwanda Deputy Representative, Ephrem Bihaliro IHS Commercial Director, Mr. MUNYEMANA Gilbert – NCDA Deputy Director General, Cyriaque NDIZIHIWE ES of Rushaki.

ACTION POUR LE DEVELOPPMENT DU PEUPLE, ADEPE, in partnership with IHS Rwanda, a subsidiary of IHS Towers, UNICEF and the National Child Development Agency (NCDA), has launched a new Early Childhood Development (ECD) center in Gicumbi District, Rwanda. The ECD center is one of the two new centers being established in the Gicumbi and Nyagatare districts and one cross border upcoming ECD in  Burera District  with the aim of contributing to the Rwandan government’s goal of scaling up access to ECD services from 24% to 45% by 2024.

ADEPE, a nonprofit organization, has a significant presence in early childhood development in Rwanda, with 6 market-based ECD centers and 2 cross-border based ECD centers across 9 districts in the country, 4 work based ECDs in 3 districts and  4 Work based ECD handed over to Districts. In addition to their work in early childhood development, ADEPE plays a vital role in promoting sustainable development in Rwanda in other areas, including women’s empowerment, youth vocation skills development, and justice.

Min Yuan, UNICEF Rwanda Deputy Representative with children from Rushaki ECD.

Empowering women is an essential part of promoting sustainable development and enable them to provide ECDs services in their home ,ADEPE works to support women in Rwanda through education and entrepreneurship skills development. Through youth vocation skills development programs, ADEPE provides training and support to young people to help them gain the skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers. Finally, ADEPE is committed to promoting justice in Rwanda and works to promote human rights and the rule of law, ensuring that all Rwandans have access to fair and equitable justice.

The launch of the new ECD center in Gicumbi District is a significant step forwards promoting sustainable development in Rwanda and demonstrates the power of partnerships in achieving positive change. By enhancing access to integrated ECD services for children aged 0-6 years and their families, the center will create safe and stimulating environments for children of market and cross-border traders near the Rwandan and Ugandan border, improve children’s school-readiness, and support the transition to primary schools.

The partnership between ADEPE, IHS Rwanda, UNICEF, NCDA highlights the importance of collaboration in achieving sustainable development goals. By working together, these organizations are helping to build human capital and promote sustainable development in Rwanda, laying a foundation for a brighter future for the country and its people.

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