ADEPE empowers women through income generating project implementation, continuous capacity building, small start-up capital provided to them as rotating small loan through agriculture, arts and improving start up for women in small cross border trade, continuous coaching and training in business management and entrepreneurship, small loan and cooperative management, trading for peace and peaceful cohabitation with their homologues from DRC/Goma.


  • Women involved in cross-border trade (CBT) program support – Women who cross the border to sell food often leave their children without someone to care for them or with one women who watched them. ADEPE started cooperatives to teach them financial literacy to manage their small businesses and how to care for their children (preparing balanced meals, positive parenting, creating positive and stimulating environments for physical and intellectual development of children, etc.).ADEPE created ECD centers so that women would have somewhere safe to leave their children, where they could get a bowl of porridge. ADEPE also provide start-up capital for these women to be able to provide for basic needs of the home, health insurance, food, and business growth.