ADEPE uses “GALS” (Gender Action Learning System) from IFAD and Oxfam encourages families to work together (both men and women) to create financial/economic targets for their futures to pull themselves out of poverty. The methodology uses drawings to target those who are illiterate, especially at the “bottom of the pyramid.” Women are encouraged to join savings groups with other women and to reduce their expenses on hair/jewelry, while men are encouraged to reduce their risky behavior (money spent on other women, drinking, etc.). They set milestones together as a family (e.g. purchasing livestock in one year) and appreciate the contributions of each family member. (“If men don’t engage, then the tree falls. If everyone works together, then it is strengthened.”) This methodology was initially targeting initiatives around climate change. This methodology can be linked with other household-level programs

Ndungutse having his notebook filled with GALS tools