ADEPE runs various programs to prevent the following issues:


High school dropout – Girls are especially exposed to this, as they often have to drop out of school to take care of their younger siblings.


High teenage pregnancy – Girls are susceptible to sex work, especially in tourist areas with hotels on the beach. This further prevents them from attending school. They are outcast by their families and communities but need to be represented so they have access to their rights. In Rwanda, 19% of girls have babies, and of these, 99% do not receive legal support. There is also a lack of information of exactly how many young mothers exist in each district


Lack of girls-centered programs – There were no programs supporting girls and women in the community before ADEPE started them, but these groups have gotten bigger through word of mouth. In addition, many organizations do not know how to work with girls and how to include boys in these programs.


Government accountability – ADEPE has held meetings with the Gender Monitoring Office at the district level to dsicuss children left at the border, and there was nothing about this in the district plan. The district brings the burden of solving these issues to ADEPE, and the national government may be more responsive sometimes than the district. ADEPE believes it is important to engage more public institutions to understand the issue of adolescent girls