ADEPE supports small CBOs so that they can support the community. ADEPE support those CBOs also in financial management and organizational development.these CBOsincludes but not limited to:

Ineza Kabaya was founded in September 2005 by Antoinette (current Director) and other members, who recognized the problems facing Rwanda society after the genocide. They were teachers at schools for those with special needs, and they saw that children with disabilities were suffering in society. They learned from an organization (Muhanga?) about how to train youth in income-generating activities as a way to build strong futures for them. Today, Ineza specializes in working with children living with disabilities. Their mission is to advocate for the socioeconomic development of disabled people and give capacity building to parents of children and youth with disabilities. Their vision is the development of al disabled people, especially children and youth with disabilities. They provide special needs education (two classes) to those with intellectual disabilities and teach girls how to earn money through vocational training (knitting, tailoring, decoration). The girls come to the center for training, where they get a kit and once graduated, form cooperatives with other girls. Ineza also advocates for girls who have dropped out of school to re-enroll, and enlists the community to help make this happen. Today, some girls have even graduated from secondary school.


Adi (Association pour le développement intégrée) Terimbere was created in 2002 and registered with the Rwanda Governance Board on April 15, 2016.  It mission is to motivate and facilitate rural development through professional agriculture, social transformation, and entrepreneurship, with gender equity and environmental consideration. Focus areas include:Empowerment of farmers in agriculture, Capacity building of business cooperatives, Gender equality and equity, Support for good governance with the PPIMA project (public policy, information, monitoring, and advocacy) to increase citizen participation in governance, Supporting vulnerable women to reach legal justice – Legal Aid Center – support women cooperatives who do tailoring, pigs, etc. (Support women to make handcrafts – Centre de Formation Agricole et Professionelle, Family planning and fighting against malnutrition, Rotary credit in sheep, goats for the poorest households  – livestock or small capital and Adolescent girls’ empowerment .


Hope for all , Founded in 2015, the organization’s goal is to help vulnerable adolescent girls from ages 18-24 years. In the community where Hope for All works, there is high teenage pregnancy, high poverty, many orphans, and many girls who drop out of school. The organization aims to empower vulnerable girls, enabling them to improve their life conditions, to build their self-confidence, and to give them the knowledge and skills to reach their full potential.


Inyenyeri-Star was founded on May 17, 2014 in the northern province of Rwanda. When the parish was founded, there were many serious problems affecting girls in the community. Many girls crossed the border between Rwanda and Uganda (<5 km away) to sell goods in order to earn money. Since they did not use the official path, they would be caught in the “bush” and often sexually abused/violated. This resulted in many unplanned pregnancies, addiction to narcotics, prostitution, and/or delinquency – problems that clearly affected girls more than boys. Also prevalent in the community was school dropout due to poverty or not knowing the importance of an education. The organization’s aim was to bring together and empower girls suffering from these problems: HIV and AIDS, unplanned pregnancies, narcotics, delinquency, and school dropout. Inyenyeri-Star re-enrolls girls in school, gives them vocational training, helps them find work, brings them out of isolation, and organizes meetings for them to come together through dance and song. Inyenyeri-Star’s vision is to have a healthy and developed population with strong youth.