Our Achievements

Supported by UK Embassy in its project GPF, of Congo` mainly CYANZARWE and GISENYI Town. GISENYI Sector. Sponsored by DED, ADEPE has settled a Professional Training Centre of Tailoring for youth who have abandoned the school because of means or of other reasons, who have advanced the normal scholar age and who are unemployed., Reinforcement of 37 groups in different income generating activities in taking account of Gender aspect in CYANZARWE by UK Embassy support. ADEPE is also assisted the following associations:

Musanze District:


- Dufatanye Kurera




- Jya Mbere Mwana

Nyabihu District:


- Girimpuhwe Mubyeyi

Rubavu District:


- Turwanye Ubujiji


- Tuzamurane


- Jya mbere Mwana


- Turere

Supported by BIT/IPEC, ADEPE has trained 56 former children –soldier living in Districts sharing the border with Democratic Republic of Congo`DRC` namely GISENYI,CYANZARWE, NYAMYUMBA and RUBAVU Districts. Supported again by BIT/IPEC, ADEPE has supplied with scholar materials to 304 children born in economically vulnerable families, and then ADEPE has carried a financial support to their tutors in their birthplaces: GISENYI,CYANZARWE,NYAMYUMBA,RUBAVU in West (154 children) and MUKAMIRA,NYABIHU,MUHOZA,BUSOGO in North. (150 children)

At Regional Level

- Honey transformation place in both Provinces of North and West for strengthening the production of Honey

- Settling of the committee of apicultures` coordination under a technical follow-up of Development Organization from Netherlands (SNV-RWANDA).

- Strengthening technical capacities of ADEPE Staff by DED support

- Training in management of little income generating activities for tailoring laureates trainees.

Settling of a professional training centre of tailoring (sewing) for 45 widows and girls and 10 boys under DED financial support.

Location and Donation
Rwanda, Rubavu distric