About us

The Organization Action pour le Dévelopment du Peuple, ADEPE is a non- governmental and non –profit making organization legally agreed by the Government of RWANDA since 2002, recognized by RGB with legal personality n° 08/08.11, fulfilled requirements for compliance with the new law number 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and functioning of national non –governmental organizations. Its head quarters are in Gisenyi western province. Its operational area extends on all territory of Rwanda especially northern and western regions, not only because of the Genocide that left many vulnerable people but also because of the war of armed infiltrators from DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Core Values

Respect of people in their diversities, accountability and transparency, innovation, and best interest of our beneficiaries.

Strategic Objectives

Strengthening entrepreneurial capacities of youth and bee-keepers; Legal Aid Services extension for vulnerable; Vocational training (short-term apprenticeships); Marketing promotion of youth cooperative products ; Good governance; HIV/AIDS prevention and community health; Environment protection; Gender and development; Fight against ignorance and poverty which is a big problem for Rwandan population especially the young generation through income generating activities and alphabetization; To have educated and disciplined youth, seeing that youth have participated actively in RWANDA Genocide. They have executed rudely unknowingly; To have youth who are not idle and street children, to train future Rwandans to a hard-working population; To have youth who are employed. This will help to make them self –reliant and to prevent from HIV/ AIDS


The Founder Members:

Are the signatories of ADEPE Constitution.

Adherent's members:

Are physical persons who, upon request and after subscription to the present constitution, shall be agreed by the general assembly. The founder and ordinary members are referred to as effective members of the organization with equal rights and duties. Shall be considered as honorary member any individuals or organizations to whom the general assembly shall grant that title due to special and appreciable support rendered to the organization, Honorary members attend the General Assembly but with no right to vote. The effective members commit to unconditionally participate in the activities of the Association. They attend the general Assembly meetings with the right to vote. They are compelled to give annual contribution which is determined by the General Assembly. Membership shall cease in the case of the member’s death, by voluntary resignation, exclusion or the dissolution of the organization. The modalities of resignation and the criteria s of exclusion are determined in the Internal Regulations of the organization

Location and Donation
Rwanda, Rubavu distric